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HetaliaxReader - Need A Hug?
You woke with a start. Your breathing was heavy, eyes wide open in fear. You grabbed a pillow and stuffed your face into it, screaming and crying. To make things worse a thunderstorm just happened to be passing by. Why did this have to happen now? Just after world meeting. God, why must my brain make up such horrible things to dream about?
You were currently staying at a hotel with a lot of the other nations. Why? Because you had stopped at this place for a little stretch after the meeting. But things turned from good to bad when it started raining and to even worse when there was flash flooding. You had no other choice then to stay, along with other nations that wanted a rest too.
You started to calm down and soon the memory of your nightmare faded away. Although you knew this wouldn't be the end of it. Usually when you tried to fall back asleep after having a nightmare a even more terrifying one would take its place.
But there was a way to cure it. Too bad your younger sister wasn't
:iconmusergeek:musergeek 1,252 450
Italy x Rome! Reader: Modeling for you
Italy x Rome! Reader: Modeling for you
            ' No,' Without a second of hesitation, you answered the Italy with a big fat "no" when he approached you with an adoring smile plastered on his face, his curls bouncing in mid-air as if it was trembling with excitement.
            ' But I haven't asked you yet!' he whined, and shook your arm vigorously with such strength that you could never imagine it coming from the coward Italian nation. You bet Germany would be surprised by his now so powerful strength too.
            ' You have been asking me to pose for you for the, what, past two weeks I think, so I know what are you trying to ask when you come near me with those gorgeous puppy eyes,' You replied coldly and threw all the tomatoes you were currently chopping into the frying pan along with the pasta after turning the stove on.
            ' Posing for me aren't
:iconsakurapudding:sakurapudding 124 6
I want the new country! England's ending
England x reader I want the new country!
(Country Name) walked over to England.
"Hello? Is this happening?" England asked tilting his head. "'OLD UP. SHE PICKED ENGLAND?" France furiously stood up and took a sharp breath.
"Suck it, Frog Face."
"Okay (Country Name)! This is your room."
(Country Name) walked into the room and sniffed the air.
"This place smells horrible!" England tried not to cry.
The room smelled like Titan arum. England loved titan arum, even though it was nicknamed the Corpse Flower.
"B-But (Country Name)........ titan arum......" (Country Name) scrunched up her nose. "Smells terrible!"
"If you want to live here you'll have to put up with my amazing sense of smell!"
(Country Name) looked down and thought 'Why cruel world?'
"How was your day?" England took a sip of his tea. "It was so fun! Me and my friends-" England shook his head.
"My friends and I."
(Country Name) stared at him like he head nine heads. "Me and my friends-"
"(Country Name)!" England snapped. "That is
:iconhowaboutfuckoff:howaboutfuckoff 146 84
Baby!Canada x Mommy!Reader [On Sick Days. .]
    Your small son coughed again, and you frowned, stroking his hair.
    "Mattie. .I'm sorry you got sick." You said quietly, and he took your hand in his lightly. His grip was weak.
    "I-It's okay, Mommy." He gave you a small smile. "You said that all I need is some medicine and some rest, and I already got the medicine, so all I have to do is rest now."
    You bit your lower lip. You were still worried. Mattie's been sick before, but he's never had a fever. And you still couldn't figure out why he got one. It hasn't been cold out lately, he hasn't gone any place gross and germy, so what happened? You just told yourself that sometimes people just get sick without any explanation. It's happened to you when you were young.
    "Mommy," Matthew coughed lightly. "It's okay, Mommy. Just go relax. I can go to sleep." He gave you that sweet, weak smile, and your eyes watered. You wiped them and nodded, squeezing h
:iconhusky-bear:Husky-Bear 263 72
New Family - Reader + Child!Italy Brothers
Reader + Child!Italy Brothers
More family story stuff. Lovino is in it so a little bit of cursing.
    You sat on the floor, legs to your chest and back against the wall. You felt horrible, your nose was runny, vision blurry from red eyes, your head hurt and your throat was dry. You had been like this for a few hours at least, but you couldn’t be sure. You were going through one of the many calm periods you’ve had today, you felt that soon the flood gates would break again.
    Why did this have to happen? Why? You take a sharp breath and slowly, shakily blow it out through your lips. This all started with a trip to the doctor. You hadn’t felt the best, and you were late this month. Naturally you assumed that your last intimate time with your fiancé impregnated you. You were ecstatic after seeing the positive on the pregnancy test and told the news to your love. He too was thrilled
    You had made an appointment with a doctor, and when you
:icondorkylittledemon:DorkyLittleDemon 541 85
Little!Nordics x Mommy!Reader: Mommy's Favorite
_______ sighed in content as she looked into hers boys' rooms, amazed to see their darling little faces fast asleep. She kissed each of their heads and walked into the kitchen to prepare lunch for her large family before they were sent off to preschool, daycare, or kindergarten (depending on their age) so she could do her second job of the day. 
You see, money was scarce these days since _______'s husband, the father of her five baby boys, and passed away in a car crash six mobths before. ________ had to work two jobs just to keep the family of five, plus a dog.
She got out peanut butter, bread, and jam to make snadwiches for her babies, when-
"MOOOOOOOOOTHER!" She looked up the staircase to see her oldest son standing at the top, sprinting down and tackle-hugging her. She jumped
"Matthias, inside voice! Your brothers are sleeping!" _______ whispered, removing the six-year-old from her.
"Too late, Mor." You heard the grumpy voice of one of your youngest, Lukas. Lukas had just turn
:iconbadwolfinthetardis:BadWolfInTheTardis 72 11
There's Always A Reason (Child!America x Reader)
  You slumped on the porch bench, staring out at the heavy rain. You were just a little too lazy to walk all the way upstairs to your bed. Your eyes grew heavy and you soon dozed off. The cold rain dripped from the roof onto the bushes in front of the porch. There were no sounds except for the pouring water. Suddenly, you felt something wet and rough against the back of your right hand. "Huh?" you mumbled, groggily looking down to see a small golden retriever puppy. It gave a few yaps, ran around in circles and dashed off the porch. You raised an eyebrow, wondering if it was trying to get you to follow it. Sighing, you grabbed a large umbrella and opened it up. "I'm coming, I'm coming" you muttered, following the golden dog. The puppy yapped as he walked, looking back to make sure you were following every now and then.
  The puppy finally stopped, barking quite loudly, which made you irritated. You sighed and looked up to where the dog had lead you. There was a young boy with shaggy bl
:iconpenumbrawolfy:PenumbraWolfy 229 72
|.:Savior:.| Child!BTTxMother!Reader- Chapter 8
  You stood in the front of the groups, packing up their belongings. The horses were whinnying loudly in the distance, as a few men led them out of the stables. Saddles were placed onto them and adjusted with the bit. The soldiers' rifles stuck out from behind their Prussian blue coats, as well as the sword hilts, at their sides. 
  The other men lined up to get onto the horse before leaving. A slight tap on your shoulder caught your attention. A platinum-haired boy gave a slight grin as he took off his hat. "Mutti, glad to see you well!"
 "Hey Prussia. I've been meaning to speak to you-" 
 "Any battles at _______?" Prussia interrupted quickly.
 "No- well, yes, but-"
 "Oh! Really?" Prussia jumped forward to you and listened intensively, "Tell me! Whose asses did you kick?"
  "Mind your language, and it was just a small revolution. Now, let me speak," you added in quickly, before Prussia could open his mou
:iconhetaleon:Hetaleon 67 8
Bow tie (Tony x Reader) One-shot
You were making your way across the street, looking left and right to make sure no cars were coming your way. The wind blew the hair out of your face and you clenched your hand tightly around the bag you were holding. Inside were the new expensive – very expensive – Italian shoes your boss, Tony Stark, had asked you to buy for him. Tonight was a big night for him. He was hosting a charity night for children with cancer and everything had to be perfect. Even his shoes.
A car honked at you as you crossed another street. You signaled you were sorry while your heart beat violently in your chest. You should pay better attention to your surroundings. Tony would be furious if he learned you had damaged his shoes before he even had the chance to wear them.
For the last couple of months you had been working at Stark Tower as personal assistant to Tony. After his breakup with Pepper, she had thought it was best to not work as closely to Tony anymore. You understood perfectly. You kne
:iconsavrom:savrom 303 65
Romano/Lovino x Reader - Apples and Tomatoes
  It was a rather warm day, you and Lovino soaking in the sun.
  ...Well, you soaking in the sun, Lovino snoring in the sun.
  Sighing, your eyes trailed upwards to meet the branches of an apple tree. Well, more like you and Lovino's apple tree. This was where you and Lovino had met; a dreamy sigh escaped your lips as you dug up the memory.
  "Damn tomato! Why are you so high up?!" a small boy snarled as he attempted to reach an apple on the tree despite his height.
  You eyed him curiously from afar; you had recently found this place, and from what you knew this boy always came here everyday, 3 o' clock sharp. At 4 o' clock, an older boy would come and tell the little boy to come home, in which he reluctantly followed.
  This had been going on for some time now, and today you decided that you'd approach him.
  The boy turned as he heard your footsteps, and once you were close enough you stuc
:iconaproudhetalian:AProudHetalian 476 177
Norway x Reader - Hair Habits
“Why do you never touch my hair?”
The question came out of the blue as you looked up from your book to see Lukas on the couch, his eyes slightly narrowed as he unconsciously pursed his lips at you.
“What do you mean?” you asked, your confusion evident in both your voice and arched eyebrows.
“My hair.” He lifted a finger to point at his hair before holding a lock of it between his fingers. “It’s just…” Lukas muttered slowly, “You never seem to play with it, nor touch it for that matter.”
“But don’t you dislike it when people touch your hair?” Returning to the book in your lap, you couldn’t help the chuckle that squeezed its way past your lips. “Honestly, Lukas, how do you even notice things like the lack of me touching your hair?”
“It’s hard not to notice when you touch everyone else’s hair but mine.”
You could detect the hint of envy that ac
:iconaproudhetalian:AProudHetalian 1,197 271
Norway x Reader - Morning Coffee
The pleasant chime of the bell that reached your ears signified a customer entering the café, and guarding your eyes against the bright sunshine of the morning that managed to infiltrate the quaint little shop, you were graced with the sight of Lukas' familiar, stoic face.
“Let me guess,” you mused as he approached the counter, “A black coffee with a dash of sugar and cream along with a slice of lemon bread?”
“Hm.” As usual, Lukas only made a small hum that could only mean yes before turning around, making his way towards his usual seat in the corner of the café.
Biting back a smile, you turned, quickly grabbing the proper ingredients to prepare his coffee.
Lukas was a usual customer at the café you worked at; he first arrived a few weeks after you’d gotten the job, and ever since then, he arrived every single morning at 8 o’clock sharp with the same order.
A black coffee with a dash of sugar and cream along with a sl
:iconaproudhetalian:AProudHetalian 853 241
Romano x Reader - The Heavenly World
“I guess I’ll just… find out if my neighbors are nice.”
Lingering on your porch for just a few more moments, you soon got up with a new sense of determination flowing through your veins. It was a good idea, you figured, to at least pay a visit to your neighbors; after all, maybe they could help get you settled, right?
Wrong, you thought, as you left the porch of your house and walked the short distance to the one right next to yours.
You weren’t even that close to the front door, and already you could hear furious yells of… Italian? Perhaps your neighbor was Italian? All you could really catch was the word ‘bastardo’ repeated over and over, the other words indiscernible in the mess of angry Italian.
If the lovers really were Italian in the heavenly world, you weren’t sure if you wanted to live in thi
:iconaproudhetalian:AProudHetalian 308 78
England x Reader - Drunken Confession
If there was one thing you hated the most, it had to be people attempting to contact you when you were trying so desperately to sleep.
What time was it again? Gaze flickering to your nightstand where a digital clock rested, you exhaled a sigh once your eyes skimmed over the bright numbers.
1:21 AM
You should be asleep by now, but no – instead, whoever controlled your fate decided to pull a jerk move and force you awake due to your phone going off.
At first, your phone only went off once, signaling that you’d received one text. Normally you ignored things like that, dismissing it as something you could reply to in the morning – however, one text turned into two, and before you knew it, your phone went off at least ten times within the time span of five minutes.
Someone was obviously needing to contact you, and with a groan,
:iconaproudhetalian:AProudHetalian 1,662 500
Prussia x Reader - Awesome Confession
Gilbert was… annoying, for lack of a better word.
Not ‘annoying’ as in you wanted to beat him up all the time – though you would admit, there were occasions where you felt a good smack was necessary – but ‘annoying’ as in you could tolerate him, but if you had the choice, you’d prefer not to have to deal with Gilbert’s constant rants of ‘awesomeness’.
How your albino friend got into the habit of calling himself awesome every five minutes, you’d never know.
Mein Gott, I am so awesome!”
’And there he goes,’ you thought with a sigh, bracing yourself once you heard footsteps approach you.
You’d invited Gilbert over earlier – rather, he kinda just barged into your house and wouldn’t leave – and at the moment, the both of yo
:iconaproudhetalian:AProudHetalian 679 128
Germany x Reader - Phone Confession
It was startlingly late at night when your eyelids shot open, your vision temporarily blurred from grogginess as your phone’s ringtone blared from your nightstand.
Propping yourself up into a sitting position with a groan, you rubbed your eyes. “Really?” you croaked, irritation evident in your words as you reached out for the device. “Why is someone calling at this ungodly hour?”
Attempting to glance at the caller ID to see who was calling, you squeaked once your eyes were met with the bright screen of your phone, instantly causing you to reel back and wait until your eyes adjusted to the sudden change in light. “I swear, if this is Alfred calling to come over because of some scary movie he watched, I’m going to push him into a lake,” you muttered, reclining onto your headboard with a sigh.
The phon
:iconaproudhetalian:AProudHetalian 1,050 296


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