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Swing [France x Reader]
"Bonjour, Mademoiselle," sang a calm voice behind you, snapping you out of your daydream. You startled, holding onto the swing's chains as you turned to look behind you.
"Ah, it is you!" said the tall, blond man. "You are so beautiful today. I mistook you for an angel."
You blushed despite yourself. "Oh. Um. Thank you."
"Je t'en prie, tu es tres jolie." He gently uncurled your fingers from the chain and brought your hand to his lips for a lingering kiss, his liquid blue eyes fixed on yours the entire time. His long golden locks danced with a sudden gust of wind, the cold of which brought you a sudden shiver. "Allow me," he said, shedding his grey sweat shirt and draping it over your shoulders.
"You won't be cold?"
"Pas de tout!" he assured. Looking ahead of you, he grabbed hold of the swing chains just above where your hands were, and pulled you back a few feet before letting go. You canted back and forth slowly, coming back to his warmth after each swing. "Tell me, why are
:iconimwiththeunicorn:ImWiththeUnicorn 433 160
Sebastian x Demon Reader: Mingling
:bulletred: :bulletpink: Sebastian x Demon Reader: Mingling :bulletred: :bulletpink: 

He stood in the midst of a hundred humans, all twirling gaily in festive gowns and well-tailored suits, in celebration of the Lover’s Holiday. This figure fit in well amongst the lively throng, though he was clearly different as he moved silently through the crowded gathering.  From his raven hair and evening jacket, to the amused expression and shinning wine red eyes, the man screamed unknown and mysterious. But differing from normal, his presence wasn’t realized by the ecstatic ones around him, save for the young man of fourteen that currently stood at his side looking out of place with a distinguished frown.
The garnet eyed man turned his gaze to regard the boy, giving him his full attention. “Yes, Master?”
“I’m going to go dance with Elizabeth before our meeting with Lau’s liaison about the sh
:icontarnisis:Tarnisis 780 162
Sirius x Reader x Remus: Cuddle Fluff
:bulletpink: Sirius x Reader x Remus: Cuddle Fluff :bulletpink:

(Full name) was being squished to death. . .  Completely cuddled and suffocated to the point of injury by the fluffiest pile of floof she had ever seen . . .  and yet she found herself unable to push the source of her demise away.
“P-Paddy,” she huffed as she used all of the strength in her upper arms to try and move the squishy fluff from her face. “M-Moony, g-guys. . . CAN’T BREATHE!!!”
As (F/n) was completely swallowed by the mountain of fur she gasped her last gulp of fresh air, afraid she would indeed be smothered beyond repair. But quite quickly the two cuddle-monsters began to let up, and a cold-wet nose snuffled against the young woman’s cheek. For a second (F/n) thought that she’d be crushed as the two creatures shifted on either side of her, but almost as soon as the thought came to her it quickly disappeared. For the pressure of the intense floof once m
:icontarnisis:Tarnisis 320 35
Sherlock x Reader: Amber Blush
 :bulletblue: Sherlock x Reader: Amber Blush :bulletblue: 

It was getting late, but you were far from tired. Quite the opposite actually, seeing as you were about to spend time with the one and only Sherlock Holmes. You smiled to yourself at the thought, secretly basking in the fact that you were able to visit him whenever you saw fit. He wasn’t always talkative or mentally present when you came over, but for you it was more than enough. Though to be fair, your free reign in 221B Baker Street was a rather new arrangement.
It had only been a month since you had told Sherlock how you felt about him (after he had saved you from committing suicide) and since then the detective had changed. It wasn’t drastic; he was still dreadfully blunt and deducted personal things from your appearance- but his manner was somehow. . . softer. For starters, he allowed you to visit almost every night of the week (having passed you a spare key) a
:icontarnisis:Tarnisis 175 36
Howl x Reader: Vixen (Part 5)
:bulletpurple: Howl x Reader- Vixen (Part Five) :bulletpurple:

As the days progressed into weeks, Vixen found she had become a proper member of the Castle household. She’d been welcomed into the fold from the moment Howl had found her in the alleyway, but she had only been scraping the surface then. Every day brought new surprises and deeper insights, and (F/n) found that she was never bored. Far from it.
If Calcifer wasn’t making her laugh or bumming extra food from her, Howl was sharing his magic and warm smiles with her. And then there were times when they did nothing. . . Admittedly, these were the fox’s favorite moments. It was usually during the evening after Howl was done traveling and making his charms. They would bask in silence, sitting together in the creaky castle’s safety. Sometimes Howl would read aloud, or other times they’d just bask in each other’s company. But whatever the case, Vixen could not think of anything more
:icontarnisis:Tarnisis 87 27
K-2SO by typesprite K-2SO :icontypesprite:typesprite 1,275 32 Chinese opera theatre by flycatcher263 Chinese opera theatre :iconflycatcher263:flycatcher263 280 19
The Littlest Winchester - Tough
    “Can you reach it?” the four-year-old inquires of her uncle.
    “Not even with your monkey arms?”
    “You need to stop listening to your dad so much.” Sam gets off the ground and brushes his palms on his jeans. No matter the angle, he can’t reach the rubber ball that has rolled beneath the Impala, and his niece is too big to crawl under and get it herself. “We’ll have to wait for him to come back with the keys.”
    “Noooo,” she whines. “I wanna keep playing.”
    “I think you won anyway. Rest your arm a bit.”
    “But I can make it go higher!”
    “We’ll get the ball when your dad gets back.”
    She sticks out her lower lip in a thoughtful pout and resol
:iconsophisticated-angel:Sophisticated-Angel 12 0
Preference-Food Sharing (Supernatural)
You and Dean loved to shared food because it meant there was more food to eat. At diners and restaurants you both usually couldn’t decide between two things so you would both order one and split it. Dean always made sure he ordered himself extra fries because you liked to finish yours and sneak some from his plate. You always cooked extra bacon because if he was in the room and you turned around your plate was always a few strips shy when you returned to it. When you got a chance to stay in for movie night you would both grab a couple of spoons and dig into a gallon of ice cream together. It was always gone by the end of the movie and Sam was amazed at how you both managed to never get sick from it.
Sam didn’t mind sharing his food with you, in fact he usually encouraged you to take something off his plate. You usually never took him up on his offer though. His bowels of lettuce were never appealing to you and when he ordered breakfast he always order
:iconcallmewinchester:callmewinchester 22 4
In Patience (Laxus X Reader) Ch. 2 Pt. 2
“I understand that Magnolia’s townsfolks are itching for something fun to happen, but this is completely insane,” you mutter into Mira Janes’ direction as streamers and booths occupied both sides of the park.
The end of Laxus’ banishment shocked both Makarov and guild members alike. Only Natsu welcomed Laxus warmly with a good old fashioned challenge. Gajeel took up the mantle of challenger as well, wishing for a rematch. Once the town caught wind of a Fairytail street fight between all the dragonslayers they jumped quickly to the chance of creating a festival.
An entire, freaking, festival. This town seriously needed a new hobby.
“Have you had the chance to talk to Laxus since his banishment ended?” Mira asked sweetly, mischief glinting in her eyes.
You stopped walking and Mira looked back, understanding clouding her large blue eyes with concern, “You haven’t then, have you?”
“We, erm, talked a little after the announce
:icontinyhunter756:TinyHunter756 12 1
In Patience (Laxus X Reader) Ch.2 Pt. 1
“This is quite an exquisite dress. The material itself is worth much. Are you sure you want to part with this, my dear,” the wife of the pawnshop owners' gaze burned into you, her eyes laced with sorrow and concern. You bow your head slightly, unwilling to face her, “I don’t want to part with it, but the guild didn’t get enough jobs this month. My rent will be due soon.”
She clicked her tongue and set the dress down gently, like it could become unraveled with a rough touch. The wife opened the drawer and gave you a large wad of jewel. As you tried to snatch the money she grasped your fingers, “I will keep this in the back for a few months, my dear. If you can earn 80% of what I am giving you here, the dress is yours again.” She patted your knuckles and walked away with the beautiful dress.
It was the one Laxus had given you so many years ago. No, a lifetime ago. In the days where everything seemed right, and you were happy. Wand
:icontinyhunter756:TinyHunter756 4 0
Castiel X-Reader - Somebody to Listen
    He was a fan of whiskey. You, not so much. Still, every year on his birthday you choke down a glass or two in his honor. It gets easier after the first one, and soon enough you’re too numb to feel the sharpest edges of the pain. Six years ago today.
    “Happy effing birthday, little brother.”
    “I didn’t think you were a fan of whiskey.” Dean slides into the seat beside yours.
    “I’m not. I am, however, too upset to care.”
    “Upset? Well, whiskey is good for that. Can I buy you a drink?”
    “I’ve got it.”
    “Come on. It’s therapeutic.” Before you can turn him down again, Dean signals the bartender, and your glass is refilled.
    His offer is not laced with simple friendliness. In a life where women are not
:iconsophisticated-angel:Sophisticated-Angel 14 2
Home (Avengers x Teen!Reader) Prologue
Hello readers! Before we begin, I would like to say that I do not own any of these characters or you.
Hope you enjoy!
(My Lord!!!! I have been keeping this in the back of my mind, as I usually do for fics that I think of and now I have it mostly developed. If I had to pick a genre for this, it would be feel good family mixed with slice of life along with some simple drama. I have a pretty good plethora of inspiration for this story but if anybody has any ideas for what you want me to add into this, please don’t hesitate to comment on here or message me! I don’t bite, I swear :D)
Home (Avengers x Teen!Reader)
The girl ran down the street, her shoes slapping the pavement, her backpack thrown almost violently to the side to run even faster. She was already crying and her eyes hadn’t even beheld the sight she knew was there. She knew it was a dangerous neighborhood, they were planning to move next week but she hadn’t packed up a single thing in the many boxes litter
:iconmiss-fandom:miss-fandom 7 3
Talk (Prussia X Reader)
“(Y/N), wait!”
You ignored him. You continued to run, tears streaming down your face, desperate to get away. You’ve had enough. You didn’t even if it was still love anymore. Maybe, somewhere along the way, you’d completely lost your feelings for him and only stayed for fear of being alone.
But why were you crying so much if it was just this?
You knew, deep in your heart, that you still love him. That you still love those vermillion eyes you fell so hard for, and that entertaining laugh that you oh-so adored. He was so unique, so… different that you couldn’t help falling in love with him. Maybe you wouldn’t even mind falling in love with him all over again.
“Please, (Y/N),” you heard him say, his tone desperate. “What did I do wrong?” He sounded breathless, pleading and – surprisingly – scared. You had never heard him like this before.
Unconsciously, you slowed down. He’s always been
:icondeathmage02:DeathMage02 5 1
Light (America x Reader)
You never thought you’d find your way back into the light. The mere thought itself was simply too good a truth for you to believe, especially since you’d been hidden away in the darkness for so long. All you’d ever known up until now was sadness and grief. You were always afraid to approach people for fear that they’d simply disappear.
That was, of course, until he came.
Your meeting was purely accidental. You just stepped out of a bookstore owned by a grumpy, blond-haired Brit with the bushiest eyebrows you’d ever seen, bag of books in your hands when a beautiful man with hair the sun and eyes the ocean bumped into you, successfully spilling his soda all over you.
Truth be told, you didn’t know what he saw in you. Your skin was an unnatural pale, your (h/c) hair uncared for and your (e/c) eyes weary and tired. However this may be, he’d stared down at you in wonderment and uttered the single word you never thought would be used in descri
:icondeathmage02:DeathMage02 3 0
[PART 3] The Road Back To You (Sinbad x Reader)
Dreams haunt you every single night. Dreams of them.
Not a single day passes without you remembering Sindria. It is where your heart is—your son and the man who is ultimately both your life and your death. You cry yourself to sleep every night, hands trembling in their grief, in their desperation to hold onto something, and you find yourself breaking a little bit more with each setting of the sun.
Sometimes, even though you know you told him not to, you wonder if he tells your son of you. Of your legacy, of the life you left behind, of the daft choices you made in your youth. Of your personality, of your kingdom, of your childhood, anything at all. Sometimes, you wonder if he brought your son up to despise you, to loath you for leaving them behind even though there was no clear need for you in the household anymore. You have done your part, you keep reminding yoursel
:icondeathmage02:DeathMage02 149 12


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